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First Nights & Honeymoons

Your wedding night should be full of romance and relaxation after the big day.

Our suites are a luxurious haven to retreat to when the day's events are coming to an end. Or maybe you will want to continue your celebrations...

Let us run you a heavenly rose petal bath and chill some of our finest Champagne for you to enjoy as husband and wife! The ultimate in relaxation, our suites feature mezzanine bedrooms, designer TVs, mood-lit baths with tile vision flat screen TVs at the foot of the tub and blissful waterfall showers.

Why not book a showround of the hotel and view our honeymoon suites for yourself!


To Book

Contact the Events Team on 01332 546 080 or email events@cathedralquarterhotel.com.


Firstly, to all our wonderful guests we are delighted to welcome you back to the hotel!

As per the roadmap guidelines, all bookings are by appointment only.

Please ring the bell on the main door to the right and we will come to meet you to register you in.

The following measures have been adopted to ensure your safety are our priority:

Track and trace together with our QR location code being available on entry, please kindly will all guests register on entry to the building. Hand Sanitizers and anti-bacterial hand washing facilities are in the public areas, entry to the hotel and restaurant together with the wash rooms. Social distancing, we have spaced seating and public areas to ensure a 2m distance is maintained at all times. Hygiene and cleaning procedures are throughout the hotel, touch points are regularly cleaned with sanitizers and recorded. Personal protection equipment will be provided for our guests and staff at all times. Cashless payment facilities and contactless procedures have been adopted within the hotel for your safety. We will provide good ventilation within internal areas and windows, subject to the weather, will be open to ensure good air flow.

We are committed to keep our guests and staff safe at all times in these very challenging times.

Thank you so much for your support and patience to help us do this.